There are a number of companies that specialize in Google Adwords  and promise to drive hundreds of new leads daily to your website within each local market.

I have had the opportunity to hear a sales representative pitch their service to one of my clients and ask for  a minimum of $3000 dollars a month to get to the top of google . They promised 100’s of new leads each week that would be converted from the new marketing campaign. The sales pitch was very impressive and the system they have designed was also very impressive but the 100% markup was outrageous. 

I was blown away to find another client had got roped into a 3 month contract for $3k per month for 3 months to get 9 phone calls in 3 weeks that had nothing to do with the services they provided.  Upon signing a contract with these companies they replicate your existing site into a new site they purchase to direct paid traffic to which does nothing to help your own sites rankings and include a Meta No Index, No Follow Element along with a Robots.txt file that blocks the spiders from indexing any potential duplicate content. 

I had an opportunity to review the keywords that were being paid for on this account and found hundreds of paid keywords that had nothing to do with this client.  So before you get roped into a contract make sure you do your homework, if you are going to pay $3k per month for Adwords do some homework checkout some tools such as to find out what your competition is paying for online ads you might be able to spend a couple hundred dollars a month and get the same amount of relevant traffic that you would get from these companies