Above Web Media is an Authorized.Net reseller and we are are passing our costing savings onto you.

The link below will take you to the Authorize.Net online application where you can apply for your payment gateway and merchant accounts, as well as sign up for any value-adding services.

The fees for a Card Not Present (CNP) Payment Gateway account are:
Non-Refundable Setup Fee: $99.00
Monthly Gateway Fee: $17.95
Per-Transaction Fee: $0.10

If you are applying for an Internet Merchant Account, the fees are:
Monthly Fee: $9.95
Authorization (Transaction) Fee: $0.25
Qualified Discount Rate: 2.19%
Minimum Monthly Discount Fee: $25.00

A list of all the fees associated with an Internet Merchant Account can be found at http://www.authorize.net/files/cybersource_pricing.pdf.

The fees above, as well as fees for Card Present (CP) payment gateway and merchant accounts and all Authorize.Net value-adding services will be outlined in the application as well.

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