St. Louis Sports Hall of Fame

This St. Louis Sports Hall of Fame website is a complete custom design. The goal was to give the visitor not only current information reguarding events but to create an experience while visiting the different inductee pages.









Genesis Salon & Spa

This website was created to enhance the Genesis brand. Above Web Media was not only responsible for the entire design of the website we also are the creators of the catchy tag line ” Suduce Your Style” Giving the Genesis brand a suductive side for its new and exsiting clients.  (currently under constuction)


















Spa Lucca

Spa Lucca, A spa design to give you a feel of the Medditerain culture, AWM captured that Luxurios feeling in the design of this site. Functional and Elegant!




Tracy Inman

This website was created to help self permote Tracy Inman, Color Stylyst located in Clayton, MO. The over all look is very eye catching and functional while stayig on a very moderate budget. AWM also was able to keep it very simple to allow the customer to update themselves.





 This is one of many E-Commerece sites AWM has created, taking advantage of the multibackground designs we were able to enhance the overall look while stying within the brand guidelines.




Natural PXR

This website is designed to inform and sell the natrual PXR System. AWM incorporated a very nice and simple design allowing the clients age demographic to have the ability to move through the site and get the information needed and order products with ease.




BY Pro Nutrition

This website was created to promote the main developer of Triargin and dodecin, giving them the ability to relay the needed information about both products and also maintain the ability to have all products ordered through this main site. 




Lyrikal Media Group

More inf to come (currently under construction)




Rib Shack

This website was created to promote the resturant, but as the design came together it became AWM’s succesfull attempt to show that small business can compete with larger franchises even on a very small budjet! (currently under construction)


Picture Show


This website is designed to give the visitor a preview expereince. AWM created custom web banners to give a 3-D effect. AWM also maintains the website for its client.  (currently under construction)



Trainweck Saloon

This website is being created to not only relay speciffic information about the two locations it promotes, but to give the visitor the feeling that they have aucctully already been there. With over 58 hours of custom design work bieng put into just graphic design side of the website, it will give the visitor an awsome visual expirence. (currently under construction)